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Keep more of what you earn.

Practice Overhead is an application that connects to QuickBooks Online and instantly benchmarks your dental office expenses against national averages.

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Dental Overhead, Dental Benchmarks, Dental Percentages

Connects to QuickBooks Online

Dental Overhead, Dental Benchmarks, Dental Percentages

Measure your practice spending against industry averages.

Compare your dental practice overhead percentages to industry averages. This monthly and yearly graph will help you find weaknesses in your dental office spending and monitor progress when working to improve it.
“Wow, now we are getting some real-time business intelligence!” Jorge Oaxaca, DDS

Partner, Oaxaca & Ong DDS

Stop costs from creeping up.

Keep your spending under budget by planning your spending per overhead category like Personnel at 28% of your projected income for each month. You can also budget one expense account or all of them per category’s budget.
“I am loving the budget feature because it helps me know if I have wiggle room or if I’m already over budget for my estimated collections.” Dr. Lauren Huffaker

Owner, Red Rock Family Dentistry

Dental Overhead, Dental Benchmarks, Dental Percentages
Dental Overhead, Dental Benchmarks, Dental Percentages

Finally understand your Dental Profit & Loss Report.

Forget trying to read the traditional Profit & Loss report. Practice Overhead provides a Categoried Profit & Loss Report broken down by dental benchmark categories so you can compare apples to apples with other practices.
“This is great for my assistant to track since I incentivize to keep dental supplies under 6%!” Dr. Miguel Casanas Jr

Owner, Meadowbrook Dental Care

Super simple setup

Register, connect to QuickBooks Online, pick your categories. Done. Or we can do it for you.